Seduced by the Light Side
2017 Seduced by the Light Side
Reichelt's 5th record and easily his latest to date.
Featuring the beautiful voice talents of Sammy Griffin, drums by Jeff Paton, a variety of instruments by Ian Peres, the production/mixing skills/keyboard skills of Guy Cooper and a host more of Reichelt's musical friends!!
Glass Bottom Boat
2016 - The Reichelt album ‘Glass Bottom Boat’ is his 4th and features the ‘The Taxidermy Has To Stop’.


This record brings back the distinctive Reichelt distorted guitar and has tinges of punk rock flavour. The core of Reichelt’s music remains the same, with a strong focus on clever lyrics and soaring melodies. Laden with a wide variety of instruments from piano accordion to steel drum, rich with edgy guitars and synths and once again co-produced with long-time collaborator, Guy Cooper from Serotonin Productions.
Books on Tape
2012 A big departure from the first two releases, this record features the work of producer Guy Cooper and a 5 piece band. The album glimmers with psychedelic folk rockness.
Deep Sea Creatures
2010 The second release and overall a more colourful record than the debut. Bringing many more instrumental songs, a stack of programming and sampling. 
Snakes & No Ladders
2008 An eclectic range of tunes on this debut release. Ranging from a children’s song to spoken word over a horror sound-scape, the albums brings both hope and disappointment. Self-produced and recorded. 
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